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Uncertainty Kenya Phone Number List throughout the summer, as the inability of politicians to reach agreements that would allow the constitution of a stable government was verified. Added reasons for uncertainty have also come from abroad, with a "Brexit" that has not been closed and the growing difficulties in international trade that the Trump administration is introducing. If these forecasts come true, Non-Conventional Media will grow by 1.1%. With this, the set of all investments in media would grow by 1.0% to stand at 12,868 million euros. The Kenya Phone Number List would account for a total of 57.5% of the investment in media. The greatest growth of MNCs over MCs tends to occur only in difficult economic years, when caring for brand equity takes a backseat.

If these forecasts are met, the sixth consecutive year of growth in investment in MC will be completed, but advertising will Kenya Phone Number List weight in the Spanish economy as it grows less than GDP. For years, advertising investment has been undergoing a strong change in its composition, increasingly digital . If the decline Kenya Phone Number List in Conventional Television is accentuated and the growth rate of investment in Digital Media is maintained, these could be above Television this year or, at most, in 2020. Mobile advertising (+8.6%); the one that uses Video on Line (+8.1%) and the one that is directed to Social Networks (+7.0%), three aspects that in many cases overlap, constitute the phenomena with the greatest expected growth.

This would lead the Kenya Phone Number List as a whole to a growth of 7.3%. Growth is also expected for Outdoor Digital Advertising (PED: +4.8%); Pay Television Channels (+4.7%); Radio (+1.8%); Exterior as a whole (+1.5%) and Cinema (+1.1%). On the other hand, falls are expected for Televisión Generalista (-2.8%); Newspapers (-5.1%); Magazines (-6.1%) and Supplements (-6.7%). Investment in MNC continues to be highly concentrated in the three largest chapters, which represent 71.4% of the total: Personalized mailing, which, despite Kenya Phone Number List drop, continues to lead investment and represents 25.6% of the total investment in MNC; POS Merchandising, Signage and Labels, which would maintain last year's figures and would represent 24.1%, and Telephone Marketing, which, growing by 0.5%, would come to represent 21.8%.

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